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Professional Service

Your “own” Audit Team – where possible we will assign the same Auditor(s) to you for the duration of the Certification Cycle – to eliminate need for personnel to re-learn site specific conditions, processes and procedures. This improves efficiency and convenience for you.

Reports and Certificates

Our reports are delivered in simple language instead of technical or industry jargon and additional copies of Certificates and ICG Marks are always available to the Management Representative of every client simply by contacting us.


Invoices in line with quotes – charges are advised and quoted in advance. In short: no surprises!

Our story

ICG was formed by a team of audit professionals who see certification from a customer’s perspective. Our philosophy stems from our desire to add value to your organization and we do this by highlighting the difference between your practices and your intent, within the bounds of international standards. Based in Melbourne, Australia, we reach out to add value to customers.

Why Certify?

Companies of any size benefit significantly from developing and certification of their management system to the various ISO standards because consumers through their suppliers, consumer bodies and governments demand a level of trust. Confidence that comes from knowing that the products or services they have bought have been supplied from a source:

  • that has met all of the regulatory requirements;
  • having systems to correct errors wherever these occur;
  • whose products and services are checked against specifications;
  • where quality, safety and the environment is valued.

Currently the best known is ISO 9001 – the Quality Standard. However more and more the others are becoming more commonplace. ISO 14001 Environmental Management, AS/NZS 4801 Occupational Health and Safety, and lately ISO 14064 Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) measurement.

The results of a Management Systems Update confirmed the most important external benefits of registration:

  • Higher perceived quality in the Marketplace;
  • Improved customer satisfaction;
  • Competitive edge;
  • Reduced customer-required audits; and
  • Increased market share.


ICG has been JAS ANZ accredited to provide certification to the ISO 9001 standard.

ICG provides certification to the remaining international standards and Industry-Specific Standards that are listed here (these are not JAS-ANZ accredited).

ISO 9001

Quality Management Systems. Globally the most recognized ISO standard, it has formed the basis for a number of other management system standards.

ICG has been JAS ANZ accredited to provide ISO 9001 certification;


Environmental Management Systems. Specifically addresses how an organization manages its impact on the environment

AS / NZS 4801

Occupational Health & Safety Systems. The Australian standard that addresses the proactive approach to OHS/WHS in an organization


General Food Safety. Specifically developed for the food industry with application for the cultivation, harvesting, processing, transporting and serving of food and food products, it is a proactive approach to ensuring food safety throughout the food chain.

AS 6000

Organic and Biodynamic Products

ISO/IEC 27001

Information security management systems

AS/NZS 5377

2013 Collection, storage, transport and treatment of end-of-life electrical and electronic equipment

Food Industry Environmental Management

A copy of ICG standard is available for download.

Document Downloads
  • Click here to download a copy of the ICG HACCP standard
  • Click here to download our Procedure INT10 Scheme Overview document
  • Click here to download our Procedure INT12 Complaints and Appeals document
  • Click here to download our Procedure INT05 Certificate Control and Issue document
  • Click here to download our MD’s Statement
  • Click here to download ICG Food Industry Environmental Management Standard
  • Click here to download ICG scope of accreditation from JAS-ANZ

What Our Clients Say

“When we met Leon and the team at ICG, we instantly knew they were a great match for us. We almost immediately felt the mountain to climb was not so daunting. The methods ICG employ enable us to be flexible in our approach and always gave us support as needed to achieve our goals. We would highly recommend ICG to any company.”

Craig Wall Kenneth Ayres (AUST) Pty Ltd

“Paul Hand has made the HACCP Certification a painless experience for us. He is very professional and gives valuable advice to help with both the recording processes and Auditing of the HACCP Certification.”

Donna Langford Sizetrans Express

“Our Audits with ICG are straight forward, concise and straight to the point. Our auditor is also very helpful when something new is thrown at us. Knowing that we have a third party (HACCP certification) that can demonstrate that what we do is in fact recorded and can be provided at any given time to assure that our food management practices are sound, brings confidence and a comfort to know that we have everything in order”

Greg Palmer, Spencer Gulf Prawn Fishery

“Hudson’s Famous Catering and Event Management has worked with ICG for certification for 5 years to achieve ISO 9001 Quality Management as well as Environmental, OH&S and HACCP accreditation. These systems have been instrumental in developing a methodical supply chain that has strengthened our products and service.”

Neil Hudson

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